1. On Fashion

    DISCLAIMER: (+) These photos are the looks that I’ve hyped on lookbook.nu. Photo credits belong to the respective lookbook.nu account holder entirely. I am not claiming to own any of these photos. Just a fan :)

    + Yeah Yo Almost: photo from Nanda Polly S of lookbook.nu

    Fashion is a tricky, tricky practice. It’s slippery as a fish too - just when you thought you’ve got it, you’re scrambling for it again. Because, really, what constitutes fashion knowledge? What qualifies you to be fashionable, a resident expert or a fashyown? When it comes to this topic, there is too much speculation and wild guesses. 

    Sim sala bim: photo from Sophie S of lookbook.nu

    Some people think that to be considered fashionable, you need to buy pieces from high street fashion and designer labels. You must breathe Zara, Mango, Top Shop and fancy yourself in Jimmy Choo heels, Tsubi jeans, Anna Sui prints and a Balmain structured jacket.

    + Firenze: photo from Andy T of lookbook.nu

    Some may take it a step further, thinking that fashion equates to a hierarchy of expensive merchandise. She who holds the most expensive Louis Vutton handbag shall be dubbed the fashion queen. Errar.

    Or, maybe you earn the honor once you know the name of all the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Bigger Errar.

    Perhaps, the person with the most attention-grabbing, provocative apparel (or lack thereof?) gets the crown. Stand out and march to the beat of your own drum - a walking Christmas tree with fruitsy, annoying ornaments. An inch closer, but still off the mark. 

    Adenorah - Talons aiguilles: photo from Adenorah M. of lookbook.nu

    I know so little about fashion, but to me, it is a balance of the pull between liking its aesthetics when you’re holding it in front of you, liking the way it flatters your body once you put it on and if you get a lot of bang for your buck. So, fashion for me is personal and there is no one universal rule that will hold true for everybody.

    I guess this is why I like street fashion. Remove the trends. Remove the elitist behavior. Remove the pretention behind the high street label. Trim the fat and strip it down to individual expression.

    Cobalt Blue and Biker Boots: photo from Henar V of lookbook.nu

    I don’t think I have the same sense of aesthetic as the typical Filipina in her 20s. I still get some raised eyebrows for my androgynous choices in corporate dressing - my choice of accessories being a necktie and platform heels, my lace-up booties and my DIY suspenders. I take pride in my cheapskate finds because I make a modest living, but I know when I need to invest in a classic piece. That’s just me. That’s a part of who I am - my attitude, my perspective and my beliefs embodied in clothing.

    I don’t believe in fashion and trends. I believe in a sense of aesthetics and personal style.

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