1. PHOTO: FOOD AND MEMORIES, PART 2: PAPA JOHNS PIZZA ACROSS A DECADE - I found this on a very old journal -

    23 April 2000 - “I’m here with Tatay and Nanay in America. It’s cold and I pretended I was smoking with Kuya outside of the airport then he told me to go away. There is a carpet in our room and it has NSYNC posters I want to destroy. NSYNC sucks. I asked Kasey if I can have the picture of the 98 degrees guy (forgot his name na) for Bea as my pasalubong. I played with Anne Marie awhile ago. Tita’s house is nice and it is the first time I met Anne Marie so it was cool. All the food here is yummy. The sausage we had for breakfast is like Mcdonald’s but its not. We had pizza for dinner called Papa John’s. The name sounds bakla, but its also very yummy. My cousins want to look at the Papa John’s delivery boy if he is handsome. The pizza boys in the Philippines are not.”

    Here’s a snippet from a more recent one:

    17 July 2012 -  ”I’m some sort of animal these days - preoccupied with just food and sleep. After work, Barney and I went to Papa John’s in BF and  this new found animal dignity makes delicious afternoons. Papa John’s pizza still tastes amazing…”


    (5) I could not organize my thoughts well as a young person

    (4) But I was helluva lot funnier

    (3) More than a decade ago, I thought everything was “nice” and “yummy”.

    (2) Most of the things still are. 

    (1) What made you a happy kid can still make you a happy adult.

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  2. BF Homes Nightcap -  The perfect combination of Palak Paneer and Sweet Lassi. 

    I thought I’d have sweet dreams after a delicious dinner, but there are some obsessions that are absolutely haunting. The type that would leave you wanting.

    It’s a miracle that I didn’t munch on my pillow in my sleep :|

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  3. Raaz Mahal @ Aguirre Ave, BF Homes Paranaque

    Our visit to Raaz Mahal was nothing less of a happy accident. It was one of those drives-to-nowhere around BF Homes, musing and fantasizing over a late nightcap.

    Looking for a place in BF homes at night is starting to become a bittersweet affair. Some places are too crowded for a peaceful dinner and some places are just about to close. I always feel like I won the lottery every time we find a place with good food that stays open until around midnight.

    Right before the turn to J. Elizalde, we came across this. It was just about time that we had a little Indian/Punjabi cuisine. 

    I’m just nuts for Indian food. Absolutely nuts ;)

    Read more under the cut!


    Raaz Mahal is located at 107 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Paranaque. 

    They are normally open for dinner from 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm. On weekends, they extend their services through lunch, 11:00 am -3:00 pm

    Call them: 846-7583

    Like them by clicking here!

    Read More

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  4. Sen Lek Thai Noodle

    The Gangsta Grasshoppa and I used to have a subconscious connection to this restaurant since we pass one of their branches along Tropical Ave, on the way to Southville International School all the time. So, when my college roommate recommended it, I had to piece together the reason why the place sounded so familiar. :|

    Because of parking space and traffic volume, we opted for the Sen Lek Thai Noodle in President’s Ave, BF Homes this time. 

    Don’t let the white background signage fool you. The contemporary Asian design, with wood accents and clean lines, give it a more approachable look and feel, compared to the Tropical Ave branch. 

    That’s just the ambiance. The food is five times better and affordable too

    Read More

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