1. Cebu, 2013: Old Friends, New Places


    Cebu, 2013: Old Friends, New Places - One of my priorities was to see one of my best friends from college and I had been harassing him via SMS since the start of the year - even when he was in Malaysia *face palm part 1*.  Again, sorry.

    I met Chef J (yihee!) because I asked him for MY schedule in a class he wasn’t taking. *face palm part 2* 

    It’s been a ridiculous story since then, as we ticked the units off our curriculum check list - with midnight recipe tests, with sketches on 2x2 paper, with his ability to take a nap EVERYWHERE, with cram sessions for reports due in 15 minutes and holding my umbrella while the rain dripped down my sleeve. *face palm part 3* 

    Now, I see J only once every couple of years. That’s a sneak peek into the life of someone that works in/with hotels - you work like a machine so someone else can relax and you love it. It takes someone who lives a similar lifestyle to understand it. 

    We’re definitely not the same people from before. Life happens, but that’s okay. No one was designed to be stuck at a moment that has already passed.

    It’s a great feeling though to know you have a good friend, despite growing up and distances, who was very willing to spare a couple of hours for local beers and Hoeegardens.

    It made me feel like a jack ass for missing out when he’d come over to Manila. *face palm part 4* 


    Thanks J! Wishing you the best in everything and see you in a couple of years or so. (WTF, can it be less, please?)

    Pay it forward and pass on our loser small talking skills to someone you care about. 

    *you can insert your face palm (part 5) right here* 

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  2. Big Better Burgers: The Perfect Burger and Related Drama

    The sweet kiss of the first bite of a hamburger. My lips touching the crisp exterior of a burger patty, inhaling its cheese and juices. It’s dizzying. It’s tempting. It’s sensual. It’s lust.

    Though I don’t eat as much meat as I used to, there’s something still alluring about the call of the hamburger. And, we’re not just talking about any hamburger. I’m talking about THE hamburger.

    The quest for the perfect burger is never-ending. Once you think you’ve found it, you find another that takes the spot on your stomach’s pedestal. For now, first place goes to the Double Dare and Cheese you can find in Big Better Burgers.

    Not only does Big Better Burgers serve the burgers that make me salivate in my sleep, but it’s become a place of comfort for last three years. 

    Big Better Burgers have several branches, but my regular one is the Alabang Branch located at Studio One Condo, Dotcom Drive, Northgate Cyberzone, Filinvest Alabang

    They are generally open 24 Hours except on Saturdays (12:00 am to 9:00 pm) and Sundays (10:00 am to 9:00 pm).

    Call them: 846-5827

    Email them: bigbetterburgers@gmail.com

    Like them by clicking here!

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  3. Santana Grove Surprises

    In the spirit of true night owls, we headed to Santana Grove at around midnight to check if anything was open.

    Santana Grove is a 2-storey strip mall on Sucat Road. It houses the usual major chain eateries and a few specialty stores. No establishments particularly worthy of a standing ovation,  but it’s the al-fresco design and Mediterranean architecture that makes it the typical Southern Metro Manila hang out.

    Plus, it’s common sense. It has the Teleperformance sign. Something HAS to stay open 24/7


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  4. Care for a Smoke?

    Everybody gets worn out, no matter how much you love what you do. Needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to this long weekend after my jam-packed schedule for the past couple of months

    This is it. This four-day weekend is my summer vacation and I take what I can get.

    My mind idly wandered to my past, pre-pubescent summer vacations - sitting on my desk scribbling short stories, tracing my fingers over mindless doodles, experimenting in the kitchen, riding on a skateboard, riding on bikes.

    I thought about the energy and the freedom without interruptions. The freedom to mindlessly pursue without being weighed down. 

    Cannot remember exactly how I came to this conclusion, but I figured that a lot of my lifestyle downers are related to my bad habit of smoking. So, I just decided not to smoke today

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  5. Welcome to Idiot Weekend. 

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