1. Convenience Food from Everywhere! Road Trips and Junk Food

    A half-empty road on an overcast morning is electric. The very energy of it tickles the top of your ears and vibrates to your fingertips. On the wee hours of the morning when the traffic thins, all I can think about are roads - an endless merging and splitting of asphalt and broken lines. Its a daily reminder of the thousands of possibilities and how we must flow through them as if we were blood in veins.

    Profound trippy talk aside, we can’t always have the road to ourselves. When there’s heavy traffic, there’s junk food. Beyond simple biological reasons, food is the lubricant of social activity. Everyone just meets at the seam of an open bag of chips. Well, at least their hands do. 

    Here are my usual poisons and guilty pleasures:

    Jollibee - Normally, I’ll find excuses to not eat here. Resorting to eating at Jollibee is almost lazy because you can find it everywhere, but that’s the hook - you can find it everywhere. Haha, irony. I forgot to mention the part that it also tastes great. I’ve eaten a Chickenjoy meal while I was behind the wheel. Desperate times, desperate measures - it’s that great. 

    Oreos - It’s a comeback. I stopped eating this for a while, but it came back with a vengeance when I started deep frying dozens of them. That’s fair food that I might just bring up later on. 

    Arnott’s Mint Slice - Chocolate biscuit with mint cream covered in milk chocolate. To be honest, I don’t like chocolate on its own, but I do like mint chocolate. It reminds me of the 90’s version of Cream-O cookies, when they came in an expensive hexagonal blue box with a lock that looked like a flower. I love this, but I’m pretty satiated after 3 (x1,000)

    This isn’t the full list yet. It’s not even close. I’m just getting started. >:)

    Posted on: 18th April 2012 - 5 notesReblog - Comments

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